Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Meet Carpet Town's new Pet Stain Removal Expert

Dear Carpet Town Friends,

My name is Cooper and I am pleased to say I was recently hired as Carpet Town's in-house "Pet Stain Removal Expert".   I have a lot of qualifications and background experience when it comes to making stains on carpet so I encourage you to come visit me on the showroom floor during the week to answer your removal questions. And remember, pets are ALWAYS welcome at Carpet Town!


                                                               Hoping to see you soon!

                                                                          Cooper W.




  1. Carpet stains are inevitable. At one time or another you will be faced with having to remove a stain from your carpet. Always follow any directions supplied by the carpet manufacturer. Carpets made from natural fibers or certain dye types may require special treatment. If you are not sure check with a cleaning professional for help. But for most common stains if you follow these carpet stain removal tips and you'll have your stain lifted in no time.

  2. Thank you for sharing! I've had to have carpet cleaning in Littleton, Colorado done quite a few times because of pet stains. It's good to know there are solutions out there for removing nasty stains in my carpets.