Saturday, February 12, 2011

"To Floor or Not to Floor... That is the Question!"


 Okay friends... so I'm no Shakespeare. But hey...not too far away from
it if I keep blogging about my love of carpet and flooring long


How many of us come back to our home from long hours at work and look
at those few things in our house that bother us even just a bit
everyday...then for months on end ...and that inaction eventually
turns into years? We've all done it (myself included).  And for a lot
of us it means soiled, stained and distressed carpeting and maybe
scratched or outdated flooring. But the first instinct is to put it
off for awhile...sure we'd like to change it..maybe someday..but not a
priority now, right?

I'll switch to my version of Latin now:  Carpet Diem!

Most people don't realize new carpeting and flooring is one of the
most cost efficient home improvements that can not only rapidly
increase their property value but more importantly, their immediate
quality of life. But the big question is: how much time do you spend
at home? Studies show the average American spends at least half of the their time
within their house.  So do you want your primary environment to be a place
where you just hang your hat and eat a meal? ....Or do you want it to
be a true sanctuary for you and your family?

With over 35 years in business, the knowledgeable staff at Carpet Town
already understands that your home should be your castle.  And with
hundreds of budget carpeting solutions, free interior design expertise
 and stain master flooring options you can change your everyday to
TODAY. We're affordable without having to sacrifice the quality your

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We look forward to meeting you!

Wendy Werner

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